Miami acted out again as the Latam capital, as the regional VC Industry got together during an incredible week.

4 min readNov 17, 2021

There were two major events that made Miami shake and that boosted many other side events held along the week. The BID LAB Forum, the premier event on innovation for inclusion in Latin America and the Caribbean. This meeting, hosted by IADB, gave the frame to the whole week, focusing on innovative entrepreneurship and how technology, digital solutions, and new business models can improve lives in the region.

And the second major event: The VC Forum. For the first time, seven Venture Capital associations in Latin America and their members met in a networking event.The players from VC, Corporate Venture Capital, and Family Offices investing in startups got together for two days to establish and strengthen links and learn about the investment opportunities that are taking place in the region. More than 200 VCs attended in-person, 18 selected startups showcase, plus 36 virtual sessions in fintech & financial inclusion, govtech, worker tech, silver economy, climate tech and several topics that are crucial for the development of the region. An exclusive lunch for 81 LPs marked the beginning, where the latest trends in the

Venture Capital industry in Latin America were presented, including both the main financing rounds and Venture Capital funds, as well as outstanding opportunities, verticals and startups.

The activity began with a brief presentation on the evolution and current state of the industry in LatAm, it’s main highlights, investments, unicorns and figures of interest. Then the presidents of each of the organizing associations responded specific questions from the investing public, who were very enthusiastic about knowing and understanding the moment that is being lived in the

Region. That night, a cocktail brought together Venture Capital fund managers from Latin America and prominent LPs. This private networking event represented a unique opportunity to link the most relevant regional managers, family offices, LPs and key industry players in Latin America. The activity began with speeches on investment purposes in Latin America and the importance of collaborating as an entire region to achieve global development goals in a few years.

Sylvia Chebi, our board member, participated as a panelist in the Corporate venture with Impact session in the BID LAB Forum. Also, our co-founder and board member, Marta Cruz, spoke at the Venture Capital Meetup — Family offices edition: Unicorns & Investment opportunities in VC, a fireside event about innovation for inclusion in Latam and the Caribbean, that was part of the BID Lab Forum.

This two-day event was organized by the following associations:

  • ACVC (Chilean Venture Capital Association)
  • ABVCAP (Brazilian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association)
  • AMEXCAP (Mexican Private Capital Association)
  • ARCAP (Argentine Association of Private, Entrepreneurial and Seed Capital)
  • ColCapital — Colombian Private Capital Association
  • PECAP — Peruvian Association of Seed and Entrepreneurial Capital
  • Uruguay XXI

Many other events and activities popped up as the week went by, including our WeInvest lunch, where more than 25 members got together; Microsoft for Startups brunch with more than 120 attendees where new innovative investment models were discussed, the Corporate Impact Venturing working group for LAC, Technoart Live day, an AWS Demo Day that had 120 VC taking part together with 66 entrepreneurs; and many more events. They all served as great opportunities for many of our members to gather around and interact personally after almost two years of having all our activities virtually in more than 18 events where we shared knowledge and experiences.

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