Three Secrets to Successful Speaking

  • Identify one person in the audience: focus on addressing one person without thinking about the other hundred(s) of people in the room.
  • Less is more: great presentations are concrete and actionable, so you have to be specific, which implies cutting back and carefully choosing what’s important to say.
  • Emotional resonance: people will forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.
  • Audience first: bear in mind that the message you want to convey is not for yourself, but for the audience.
  • When fundraising, the message should focus on the opportunity.
  • With Limited Partners, communication must highlight progress.
  • In investment committees, focus on building trust and making decisions together.
  • Speaking with entrepreneurs, the core of the conversation should seek to generate trust, build on our experience and networks, and set mutual expectations to strengthen our business partnership.
  • Boards should focus on building as a team, while providing new ideas.
  • For podcasts, split the talk into segments assuming people will most likely only listen to part of the podcast and not all. In this way, the listener grasps digestible points easier.
  • On panels, if moderating, avoid talking about yourself. The richest panels are dialogues between speakers filled with organic commentary and distinct perspectives.
  • For virtual events, whether it be on Zoom or other platforms, the energy of the speaker is even more critical than in live events — so bring the energy!



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