What’s the WeInvest Latam 2.0 Launch?

  • We welcomed two new WeInvest Board Members, Paula Giraldo and Natalia Gonzalez Vela, alongside Marta Cruz, Susana Garcia-Robles, and Sylvia Chebi Additionally, we brought on Victoria Sanchez as our WeInvest Legal Advisors, and Gabriela Goldberg as our WeInvest Community Project Manager
  • We celebrated promotions and new role occupations among community members including: Patricia Saenz (EWA Capital) was elected President at ColCapital; Meghan Stevenson-Krausz (INCA Ventures) was elected Board President at PECAP; Elizabeth Acuña (Angel Ventures Peru) was elected Board Vice-President at PECAP; Paula Giraldo (Adobe Capital) was promoted to Partner and elected Board Member at AMEXCAP; Ana Cristina Gadala-Maria (QED Investors) was appointed Principal at QED Latam fintech seed fund; Antonia Rojas (ALLVP) was elected among the top 30 most promising executives in Mexico; Ana Paula Gonzalez (SoftBank) leader of Softbank’s new $100M Miami Initiative
  • We also formally welcomed our very first corporate sponsor, Microsoft! Mariano Amartino, Americas Managing Director of Microsoft for Startups, shared how Microsoft is supporting startup founders from idea to exit
  • WeInvest is focused on creating strategic alliances and relationships with others in the LatAm investment ecosystem, including local LatAm women in investing organizations, in order to broaden our network and knowledge base
  • At WeInvest, we will continue hosting events and webinars that provide valuable insights and learnings for our community. We will also help provide speaking opportunities for our members



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WeInvest is a community of women investing in Latin America across Venture Capital, Private Equity, Family Offices, Accelerators, and Angel Investments.